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Spy on Viber chats on anyone's device. View photos, videos and much more. Cocospy makes a very detailed program.

Cocospy is not limited only to messages sent on Viber, but it can analyse all multimedia and calls made too.

  • View Viber chat logs
  • Access Viber call records
  • See time and date stamps
  • See the names and contact numbers of Viber contacts
  • Review photos and videos sent through the phone camera on Viber

3 Convenient Steps to Spy on Viber

Sign Up For Free

Sign up for your free Cocospy account online and set up your email and password.

Download the Viber Spy App

Download and start up the Viber spy app from your online account into the device of your target user.

Review All Viber Messages and Calls

Return to your account and view all calls and messages remotely.

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Spy on Viber Messages with our Viber Spy App

Using Cocospy Viber spy app, you can track all activity performed by your target's device while using Viber. Find out about all calls which are made through Viber and get access to any conversations which take place on the target device.

Our Viber Spy app is very easy to use and works automatically after you activate the application. Cocospy lets you see activities in real time. You can find messages as soon as they are sent and received by using the refresh tool found on the dashboard.

Using our Viber Spy Call feature, you can find out when people are communicating others. This includes time stamps and details on who is being contacted. You can also find information on messages sent between people on Viber and how much time is being spent using Viber. Information on contents people send through their camera phones can also be downloaded. Get information on photos and videos in real time.

When you have downloaded the application to your phone and installed it, all you need to do is open it and follow the instructions.

After you have logged in with your Cocospy information, you are good to go. The app will begin tracking messages and syncing them to your online account.

It does not take a long time or have a delay like some other services – we recognize the importance of having instant and unrestricted access to Viber chat history and records.

Of course, to install the tracker app on your target's device you will need actual access to it. You only need to access the device one time, so it should not be something too hard to do!

As soon as messages are sent or calls are made, that data is logged and saved to your online dashboard.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my phone?

You do not have to root or jailbreak a mobile device to use the Cocospy WhatsApp spy app. This is thanks to the unique design of the WhatsApp program and how it uses various traditional networks. Be advised though that not all apps like WhatsApp can work with Cocospy without a device being jailbroken or rooted.

Working In the Background

Nothing will stop Viber Spy from recording everything you need to see. It works in the background and cannot be compromised, even if the end-user decides to delete his Viber chat history and call records. You can also delete the icons that link up to Cocospy after installing your program.

Why is Viber Spying So Useful?

There are many benefits associated with spying on Viber, but perhaps the best one is that nobody will ever know that you are doing it! Our Viber Spying app works incognito and allows you to extract all the information you need.

This is valuable for when you are reviewing what your kids are doing. You can use Viber to see that your kids are not getting in trouble online and they are not getting in touch with predators, being cyberbullied or carrying out cyberbullying actions.

This is also helpful in the workplace. Use the Cocospy program to see how your employees are using Viber to see that they are behaving properly and not sharing information that might hurt or compromise your business.

Cocospy is a vital and useful program for your use. Be sure to see how well your content is laid out.

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