Viber Spy: Spy on Viber Messages Online

Viber Spy Feature

Spy on Viber private and group chats.

Find out what's happening on Viber remotely with Cocospy!

  • Read all private and group chats.
  • Check timestamps accompanying chats.
  • View the call records.
  • Check contact names and numbers.
  • No need to root.

3 Convenient Steps to Spying on Viber

Sign Up

Sign up for your Cocospy account. You need to use an existing email ID for the username.

Download the Viber Spy App

Download Cocospy to the target Android device. Then follow the install prompts.

Review All Viber Messages and Calls

Log in to your account to view all Viber calls and messages remotely.

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What can you learn from spying on Viber?

Sometimes spying on Viber may be necessary and even legal. You may need to do it to look out for someone close to you. Alternatively, you may be trying to make sure everything is alright with your business.

For example, you could be a parent whose children use Viber. It's a good idea to keep an eye on what they get up to there. Children are vulnerable to sexual predators, scammers, and bullies. Cocospy can assist you to keep your kids safe.

Cocospy's Viber Spy feature can be used to observe your employees if they use the app. Are they chatting on Viber when they should be working? How much attention do they actually pay to their jobs? You can find out remotely.

How to use the Viber Spy feature

You need a Cocospy account and a subscription first. Afterward, get Cocospy set up on the target device. Log in to your Cocospy dashboard and look for the Social Apps>Viber option in the selection panel to the left.

The Viber window shows all the recent messages exchanged, arranged in reverse chronological order. Every chat has a timestamp. You get to see target names, numbers, display pictures, and exchanged media files.

What happens if the target deletes an incriminating conversation? No problem. Cocospy syncs conversations archives to your account. You'll always have access to Viber messages, including the deleted ones.

Monitor Viber without root

You don't need to root the target device to access Viber activity. However, note that this feature won't work with target iOS devices. Cocospy can still monitor messages, iMessages, WhatsApp, and LINE, though.

Remain undetected

Cocospy is a hidden spy utility. After it's installed, you can hide it. Afterward, it will run in the background, without slowing the phone down or draining the battery. It's virtually undetectable.

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