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Geofence Alert

Always get a notification when your child visits a marked area.

Use Cocospy to get set up a boundary where a person can go. Use it to get alerts when a person steps out of a boundary.

  • Create a geofence for a certain device.
  • Get alerts when someone visits or outside of a zone
  • Review one's history based on when someone gets into a spot

3 Simple Steps For Using the Geofence Tracker

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Creating an account with Cocospy is quite easy, and takes less than a minute. All you need is an email address and password.

Install Cocospy

Install it onto a device that you wish to track.

Analyze All Location Info

Find out when someone might be in a certain spot

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How can you use the geofence alert program?

You can easily use this geofence alert app after you register an account for use and then set up the program on a target device. Go to your control panel to create a series of geofences. These can be configured around certain spots in a local area.

After this, you will set up alerts that let you know where people are going based on those locations you have set up. Use this to quickly get updates when someone goes to some spot that you do not want the person to access. The simple design ensures that you will be informed when someone goes into the wrong spaces.

The program can also give you details on how often someone goes into approved or outlawed spaces. Points on when a person got to one of those places will also be included.

This all works with a layout that is easy to set up. Just get access to a target device and install the program quickly. It effortlessly works to get information on one's device tracked the right way.

Does the target phone have to be rooted or jailbroken?

Because this works on a GPS or Wi-Fi setup, you do not have to jailbreak or root a phone to make Cocospy work.

Runs In Stealth

Use the Cocospy program in the background to see where a person is located. The program will not use up one's battery all that much or cause a device to slow down. You can also remove the app shortcut so it will not be visible.

What makes geofence alerts critical?

You must get geofence alerts prepared to ensure that anyone you want to monitor is safe and not at risk of harm. You can use this if you are a parent to see how your kids are moving around when not in the house. This includes looking at when your kids might be in spots you don't want them to be in. You can see if they are going to unwanted spots at specific times of the day instead of going to school like where they should be among other spots.

You can also use this if you are trying to see where your employees are going. You can look to see that they are keeping to their right places. This is vital if your employees use vehicles to get to many places and you need to see that they are going to the right spaces without making detours or unwanted stops.

Look at how the Cocospy geofence alert system can help you see where anyone is going. This does well with tracking people and can give you the information you want on where someone might be going out to.

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