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Website History Tracker

Cocospy lets you review a person's website history or browsing data. You can use this to see what websites one visits, when someone gets online and how frequently a person uses those sites.

Get details on one's online use through the Cocospy online browser history tracker.

  • Filter content based on what sites one gets onto
  • Use date and time stamps to see when someone reaches a site
  • Identify individual sites one gets onto

3 Easy Steps For Spying on One's Website History

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A Detailed Features Introduction

Our internet history tracker allows you to take a look at the internet browsing habits of a target user on their phone by tracking the phone's web browser. With Cocospy, you can look through websites which your target user has visited, see the individual URLs, find out how many times the target user has visited a certain website and so forth.

You can also find out when they visited with time and date stamps and access all visited website URLs through your online account.

It is super easy to implement and use; anyone can do it!

Even if your target user clears their browsing history, it doesn't matter – the software saves the information straight to your online account as soon as it becomes available.

Your target user's browsing habits are tracked in real-time and you can see exactly which sites are being visited, when and how frequently.

This is an extremely useful tool which can really give you an idea of how your target user spends his or her time on their phone.

The setup process for using this is pretty simple. Just use the proper URL that you are given to download the program onto a target device. When you have done all the setting up and configuration, you are good to go. It doesn't really take much time at all and it is worth it for the information you get in return.

To view a detailed breakdown of browsing history, click the browser history icon on the program and then review all the details based on what one is doing.

If you are wanting to monitor web browsing live, you can do that too! Although the dashboard will not update itself, you can reload the information by clicking the refresh button.

There is no latency at all between data being inputted on the target device and it being fed back to our dashboard – it is instantaneous, and you can watch events as they unfold before your very eyes.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my phone?

You do not have to root or jailbreak a mobile device to use the Cocospy WhatsApp spy app. This is thanks to the unique design of the WhatsApp program and how it uses various traditional networks. Be advised though that not all apps like WhatsApp can work with Cocospy without a device being jailbroken or rooted.

Hide In Secrecy

The Cocospy program also reviews internet history points while in secret. It hides in the background of your device with ease. You can also remotely remove the icon from Cocospy control paanel after installing it.

Why is Internet History Tracking So Useful?

Do you often find yourself wondering what your kids or employees are looking at on the internet?

Our internet website history tracking program will help you if you are an employer who is trying to review what your workers are doing. You will want to ensure that your employees is not abusing their online use by accessing inappropriate content or websites which could jeopardize your company's safety.

This is also vital for parents with kids. The internet is a very dangerous place for children who are able to browse it to their heart's content. There is a lot of inappropriate content out there and you, as a parent, have a duty to ensure that your children are not accessing stuff which they should not be seeing. Cocospy gives you detailed information about all browsing done on the target device; you can see exactly what your child is accessing.

If you need to keep an eye on a certain person or group of people in relation to their internet browsing and internet history, look no further than our Cocospy browser history tracker – a comprehensive solution for all your internet monitoring needs.

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