Stealth Mode: Monitor in Secret

Stealth Mode

Cocospy puts the "spy" back in spying.

Cocospy is a true spy app, virtually impossible to detect.

  • Invisibly track GPS locations.
  • Discreetly monitor messages.
  • Sneak-peek at social media activity.

Monitor Undetected in 3 Steps

Sign Up Now

Get a Cocospy account. All you need is an existing email ID.

Install the app

For Android target device, download Cocospy and hide the app icon after installation. For iOS target phone, no need to download any app.

Start Spying

Cocospy will run in the background, next to impossible to detect.

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Why Cocospy's Stealth Mode matters

You may have legitimate reasons for spying on someone. For example, you may be looking out for them or protecting your interests. If they find out, though, they may not see your good intention and your relationship with them may be forever damaged. Sometimes it's best to be discreet.

What are some ethical examples of monitoring someone remotely? A parent monitoring their child is a good exmaple. Children are naturally rebellious and don't like you hovering over their shoulder. If you try to supervise them, they will find ways to shake you off. Sometimes spying is the only way that works.

Another ethical example of spying is monitoring employees. If you're an employer, you can check to see if your employees are loyal to you and not conspiring with your competitors.You can also make sure they get to work on time and keep up the productivity.

Cocospy offers multiple powerful features – all in Stealth Mode

Cocospy is a versatile, feature-rich app with many advanced features. It allows you to remotely monitor any Android or iOS device. Even better – it's 100% discreet. You'll never be discovered.

With GPS location tracking, you can figure out where the target device is at any given moment. By Geofencing, you'll receive alerts when the device enters or leaves a pre-defined zone.

Via call logs, messages, and social media tracking, you'll know who the person you're monitoring is in communication with. Cocospy shares everything they do with you, including deleted messages.

Cocospy offers many other features, including access to media files, browser history, keylogger, calendar events, and SIM card details. It even keeps track of deleted data, including SMS and social media messages.

Stay hidden without jailbreak/root

Cocospy works – and can be hidden – without jailbreak or root. Note that if the person you want to monitor an Android phone, you will need brief physical access to the target device to get Cocospy set up. After that, Cocospy will work remotely.

True Stealth Mode

Many spy apps on the market claim to be stealthy. In reality, though, they drain the battery dry and hog the processing power. Some cause the phone to slow down, restart, and behave in other uncharacteristic ways. It makes the target suspicious. Eventually, they figure out their phone is comrpomised.

Cocospy is a true spy app, however. It was designed for stealth. For one, the app is very lightweight at less than 2MBs. For another, the app doesn't need a ton of resources to operate. Cocospy works in the background and is virtually undetectable. The iOS version of Cocospys web-based and impossible to detect.

Itching to see Cocospy in action? Click the "Demo" link at the top. Or you could just sign up for an account and download the app.

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