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Manage Your Kids' Screen Time

Kids spend upwards of 40 hours a week online. That's a staggering amount of time, even more than most adults spend on their jobs. With Cocospy, you can manage your child's screen time to make sure they get enough down time and safeguard their health.

Keep your Children Safe

The internet puts the world at your child's fingertips. Unfortunately, that's not always a good thing. There are plenty of dangerous people in the world your child may be exposed to like bullies, perverts, and scammers. By remotely monitoring them, you can keep them safe.

iphone parental control app
iphone parental monitoring app
Guide and Nurture

Parenting experts recommend setting healthy boundaries for children. By monitoring their phone or tablet use, you'll be clued in to their unique personality, temperament, and talents. Then, you'll know exactly where to set boundaries for your ever-growing child.

Safeguard your kid's future.

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