Applications Tracker

Applications Tracker

Check and manage installed apps.

View and control apps with Cocospy's Installed Apps Tracker

  • Review all installed apps.
  • Check new installation activity.
  • Block inappropriate apps.

Monitor Installed Apps with 3 Simple Steps

Get A Free Account

Sign up for free with an email address and password.

Set Up Cocospy

Download Cocospy onto the target Android device. For iOS devices, you need the iCloud credentials.

Check Installed Apps

Find information on how well certain apps are being used at a given time.

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How to use the Installed Apps Tracker feature

Sign up for a Cocospy account. Then, set up Cocospy to work with the target device. You don't need to jailbreak or root. Finally, once Cocospy is good to go, you'll find the Applications option in the selection panel to the left.

On the applications screen, you'll see 12 apps listed by default on the first page. You can browse through them to get an idea of the kind of apps your target uses. You can also search for inappropriate apps.

Every app entry is accompanied by a timestamp. You'll know when an app was installed or last used. Finally, if you find an inappropriate app, you have the option to block it.

Use the SIM Card Tracker without jailbreak or root

The Location Tracker works with stock versions of iOS and Android. Our developers worked hard to make this happen.

Remain invisible

Cocospy was made to be stealthy. The Android version, once installed on the target device, turns invisible. It runs in the background without slowing the phone down or using much battery. The iOS version is fully web-based, making it undetectable.

Why do you need to keep track of installed apps?

As you're aware, the are a multitude of malicious apps out there. They will steal your personal informatiom, clog your phone up with ads, or attempt to steal your money. That's not to mention all the age-inappropriate apps.

If you have kids, they be at risk from such apps. An innocent child may end up installing a malicious app accidentally. Sometimes, a too-curious child will willingly download an age-inappropriate app. By screening their installed apps regularly, you can keep them safe.

Another scenario where you may need to check installed apps is if you're an employer who's given employees work phones. Are the phones actually being used for work as intended are have they been turned into personal enteratinment devices? The installed apps list will tell you.


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