Track Installed Apps

Track Installed Apps

Track software installation with Cocospy. The program lets you see what apps a person is using on a mobile device.

Find out if someone is installing certain apps of concern to you with the Cocospy track software installation program.

  • Review what a person has installed
  • Monitor when an app was installed
  • Block access to certain apps

Monitor Installed Apps With 3 Simple Steps

Get A Free Account

Sign up for free with an email address and password.

Download App

Download Cocospy text message spy app with the provided URL on a target device.

Check Installed Apps

Find information on how well certain apps are being used at a given time.

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How Will You Use the App?

The Cocospy app does well for helping you to see what is happening when someone is trying to use a mobile app. First, you install the app onto a target device and remove the shortcut to it. After that, you will easily use a control panel on your device to see what is happening on the other phone.

Go to the section listing the applications one has and any app activities one is getting into. This includes points on when apps were installed and when a person accessed them last. Full timestamps are used to list details on when someone is using them.

Details on any media or messages that are transmitted through these apps can be recorded too. You even have the option to block a device from getting access to particular apps.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the target phone?

This can work on most Android and iOS devices regardless of whether or not they have been rooted or jailbroken.

Can it handle stealth mode?

To use stealth mode, you can quickly remove the icon when installing Cocospy app. The program also runs quietly without using lots of power.

What Makes This Vital?

You should use this program to see that people are not downloading potentially dangerous apps. These include programs that might try to steal someone's information.

It works well when you are monitoring your kids' phone usage. You can see what your kids are doing on their phones so you can ensure they are not using questionable apps that might be inappropriate for their use.

Also, you can use this to track the phones of people in your workplace. You can use this to see that people are using their business phones for the reasons that you want them to use those phones for.

Watch as Cocospy can help you monitor installations on a mobile device. The track software installation tool helps you track apps and see that people are using their devices for their intended purposes.

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