Photo Spy: View Saved Pictures Remotely

Photo Spy

View saved photos remotely.

Browse through all camera photos, galleries, and downloads with Cocospy:

  • View camera captures.
  • Check downloaded images.
  • See saved screenshots.
  • Read attached timestamps.

Spy on Photos in Three Easy Steps

Sign Up

Get your Cocospy account. Use your existing email ID.

Set Up Cocospy

Get Cocospy set up to work with the target device in less than 3 minutes.

Start Viewing

Log on to your Cocospy account to start viewing saved photos.

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Why spy on someone's saved photos?

There may be several scenarios where you might want to look through someone's photos. Saved photos tell you a lot about a person. They're often clues to their activities. Sometimes spying is the only way to protect what's yours.

Where does protection come into the picture(pardon the pun)? Children, for example, are often targeted by sexual predators. A stranger could befriend your child and manipulate them into sending nudes. Occasionally, a child will access inappropriate out of curiosity. You can prevent all this from happening by keeping an eye on their photo collection.

If you're an employer, you know not all employees are loyal. Some may even sell company secrets. They could take snapshots of confidential documents and sell them to a competitor, for example. Are your employees loyal to you? You may need to look through the pictures to find out.

How to use Cocospy Photo Spy feature

To access the Photo Spy feature, you'll need a Cocospy account and a subscription. After Cocospy has been set up to monitor the target device, log in to the Cocospy dashboard. You'll find the Photos option in the selection panel to the left.

The Photos window shows all the images stored on the target device. They're arranged in rows as thumbnails. Just click on any photo to download it. Every photo is accompanied by a timestamp, so you'll know exactly when it was taken or saved.

Cocospy shows you all photos on the target device, including the ones exchanged on social media apps. Any new photos will be automatically synced to your dashboard. Cocospy syncs immediately, meaning it'll save photos before they get deleted.

Cocospy's Photo Spy feature allows you view photos without hurting damaging relationships. It's also hassle-free to set up and use. Try it today!

Spy on photos without jailbreak or root

Cocospy's Photo Spy feature works without jailbreak or root. You'll be pleased to know you can install Cocospy in a jiffy.

View photos discreetly

Cocospy is a true-blue spy app. The Android version can be hidden once installed. It runs in the background while using a minuscule amount of system resources. Cocospy for iOS is web-based and undetectable.

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