FREE Photo Spy: View Pictures of Target Device Remotely

Free Photo Spy

Cocospy lets you review photos on a target device. This includes pictures from a camera and anything one downloads or receives.

Use Cocospy to quickly get details on what someone is doing when sharing photos.

  • See photos which are taken by the phone's camera
  • View photos which have been received from other people
  • Load time and date stamps from each photo
  • Load up screenshots taken by a phone

Spy on Photos With Three Easy Steps

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Download Cocospy

Get the Cocospy photo tracker installed onto a target device.

Review the Photos

Get on your account and load up information on photos on a device you are targeting.

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Photo Spy Features in Detail

Cocospy's photo spying software can analyse pictures and photos taken by the phone's camera. It can also capture screenshots stored in the phone's photo album.

Not only that, but the photo spy shows you all the information about the photo and it can even spy on photos received in other apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

You can use it to view all photos which have been taken on the device, view all photos and media which have been downloaded and even see when they were received, where from or, if it is a picture which has been taken on the phone itself, the location of it.

You don't even have to load the full photo, either. You can view the photos as a thumbnail and access photo logs straight from your control panel on our website.

How to use Cocospy photo spy app

Using the tool is easy to do. After registering an account on Cocospy for free and completing the setup process, you can get going straight away.

Enter the target phone or device information after you have logged into your account. To use this with an iOS unit, you need to sign in with an iCloud account which has a link to the target device. For working with an Android item, you need to access it only once and then install the photo spying app.

After you have finished these simple initial setup processes, you can monitor the target device's photos from your own device or our website's dashboard.

If you are tracking an Android device, you can view photos in real-time as they are taken and received and get information and details regarding the location the photos were taken and when they were taken or received.

To sync the latest photo data, all that you need to do is hit the refresh button and you will be greeted with all the latest photos which have been taken

Our photo tracker removes all the hassle out of tracking a target device's photos, all you need to do is complete the initial setup process and it will work seamlessly.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my phone?

You do not have to root or jailbreak a mobile device to use the Cocospy WhatsApp spy app. This is thanks to the unique design of the WhatsApp program and how it uses various traditional networks. Be advised though that not all apps like WhatsApp can work with Cocospy without a device being jailbroken or rooted.

Does it work in stealth mode?

Yes! You can hide the app logo when installing it in the target device. If you forget to do that, you can still make the app invisible remotely from our control panel.

Why is Photo Monitoring So Useful?

With so many different apps which are able to send and receive multimedia content, in addition to the camera itself, it is important to keep an eye on what some people are doing with their photos. Spying on pictures gives you the chance to catch evidence and defend yourself, your interests or your position when you need to.

If you are a parent who wants to keep an eye on your children or an employer who wants to make sure an employee is not using company property for inappropriate means, photo spying is for you.

Photo spying works well in the workplace Some employees can be very unethical and can use the cell phones which you give them as part of their job to take inappropriate photographs. These could be anything, from confidential company information to trade secrets and more. With these photos, the employee could sell them to or trade with third parties and seriously harm a company's interests or profits. Cocospy helps you ensure that your employees are not abusing their phones.

This is also vital for parents. Some kids, understandably, don't want to disclose their daily activities to their parents, especially their pictures! By using our photo spying software, you can monitor your child's activity remotely and have constant peace of mind.

Our photo spying software tells parents exactly what your children have been doing in terms of photos. It can help you feel relieved if you are able to recognise some of the places in your child's photos.

Cocospy's photo spying program is a necessity to have in your life. Download and install it today and start tracking!/p>

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