LINE Message Spy: Spy on LINE Messages

LINE Messenger Spy

See what a person is doing on LINE with Cocospy.

Find out what's happening on LINE Messenger with Cocospy for Android and iOS:

  • Read all private and group chats.
  • View contacts and phone numbers.
  • Access timestamps for chat threads
  • See uploaded photos, videos and audio files.

3 Quick Steps For Spying on LINE

Sign Up For Cocospy

Get a Cocospy account.

Choose Target Platform

Get Cocospy working with the target device. Installation is fast and painless. No jailbreak and no root.

Monitor LINE Messenger

Log on to the Cocospy dashboard to remotely track LINE messages.

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Why should you monitor LINE activity?

LINE is an extremely popular messaging-social-media hybrid app. It happens to be Japan's biggest social media network. Your target may spend a significant amount of time on it everyday.

Children who use LINE are at risk. Bullies, sexual predators, scammers, and generally toxic people are common on the the app. You can prevent your child from being victimized by monitoring their LINE use.

LINE is the official workplace communication app for some companies. If you've handed out a company phone to employees who use LINE, you can keep tabs on their activities with the LINE Tracker.

LINE spy

How to use the LINE Tracker feature

You can use the LINE Tracker feature by signing up for a Cocospy account and purchasing a subscription. Afterward, log in to the Cocospy dashboard and find the Social Apps>LINE option in the selection panel to the left.

The LINE spy window will show you the recent private and group chats happening on the target device. Besides that, you get additional specifics like timestamps, contact names, phone numbers, and display pictures.

What if the target deletes an incriminating message thread? All chats get instantly backed up to your Cocospy account. That means even if the target deletes something, you can still access it on your account.

Use the LINE Tracker without root or jailbreak

To use the LINE Tracker, you don't need to root or jailbreak the target device. Apps that can access LINE activity without root or jailbreak are rare. Our developers worked hard to make it happen.

Be discreet

Will the target find out you're spying on them? Nope! Cocospy is 100% stealthy. The Android version runs invisibly in the background, without using too many system resources. The iOS version is fully web-based and impossible to detect.

Cocospy is one of the rare few apps that allows you to monitor LINE without jailbreak or root. Try Cocospy now!

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