Free LINE Message Spy: Spy LINE Messages

Free LINE Message Spy

See what people are doing on LINE with Cocospy. Get information on all the things being sent to and from people in real time without being identified.

Cocospy saves all messages sent and received in LINE to your online dashboard, including who the message is to or from. Any hidden chat can be reviewed.

  • Get information on all LINE chat
  • View your target's LINE contacts
  • Find time stamps for all LINE messages
  • See photos, videos or audio files which are being sent and received

3 Quick Steps For Spying on LINE

Sign Up For Cocospy For Free

Get your free email and password for Cocospy.

Download the App

Set up the Cocospy app on the device you are targeting.

Review LINE Messages

Log onto your dashboard to remotely track LINE messages on the device you are tracking.

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Using the LINE Spy Is Easy

After registering an account on Cocospy for free and completing the setup process, you can get going straight away. The program runs completely in the background.

With the LINE spy, you will identify the messages someone is sending to others. This includes a look at any stickers or emoticons being sent around. You can also get information on each contact one has; this includes details on a person's name, icon and any phone numbers if applicable.

Any media files that are sent through the program can be identified as well. You can download these files for your own review if needed. This even works with hidden conversations that your target user might be hiding from you in any form.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my phone?

Your target phone needs to be jailbroken or rooted for you to use the Cocospy LINE spy app. However, this is not required if you want to install Cocospy to review the standard messaging functions that entail apps already included on one's phone. The jailbreaking or rooting works only for LINE and other programs that someone can install.

Be advised that there are no programs out there that can spy on LINE messages without rooting or jailbreaking a device.

Work Quietly

The Cocospy program works in the background to review all the LINE messages one sends and receives. You can remove the Cocospy icon from the target device as you install it. You can also remotely hide the icon from our control panel. This also provides you with added security in knowing that your target will have no idea you are spying on that person with Cocospy. Everything works in the background, thus ensuring one's phone will not slow down.

Why is LINE Tracking App So Important?

LINE is one of the most popular app-based messaging tools used by teenagers all around the world. But with LINE, none of the messages on one's device are stored online. They are instead stored on a target phone and can be deleted forever after a while. Our LINE spy tool will save all messages to your dashboard and will keep them even if a target deletes a message.

This is vital for when you're keeping tabs on what your kids are doing. You can use this to ensure your kids are behaving themselves online while also ensuring they are not engaging in or being hurt by cyberbullying.

Also, this does well for when you're trying to review people in your workplace. With our LINE spy tool, you can review messages that those in your office send. This gives you added control over how well your workers act.

See what Cocospy can do for you when getting a quality LINE monitoring app for your use. With Cocospy, it will be easy for you to see what people are doing on the program without hassles.

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