Contacts Tracker Online

Contacts Tracker Online

Look through the Contacts book.

Take a sneak-peek at saved Contacts with Cocospy's Contact Tracker:

  • Browse through the Contacts book.
  • Read brief contact descriptions.
  • Note names, numbers, addressses, and more.

3 Simple Steps to Track Contacts Online

Sign Up

Start by signing up for a Cocospy account. Use your existing email ID.

Choose iOS or Android

Pick the target platform you wish to monitor. Then, follow the setup prompts.

View Contacts

Once Cocospy is set up, instantly access a person's saved contacts from the dashboard.

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What can you learn from checking saved contacts?

As a parent, it's imperative to keep an eye on your child. We aren't trying to tell you how to parent but you know the world is a dangerous place. Is your child in touch with the right people? By going through their saved contacts, you can screen for threats like bullies and sexual predators.

Employers also stand to benefit from contact tracking. It helps you stay on top of things. Are your employees by chance in touch with a competitor? Is a star employee considering an offer from another company? You can pick up critical clues by leafing through their address book.

Cocospy is an outstanding parental control and employee monitoring tool. It has several other legitimate uses like making remote data backups. Download it today and make it work for you!

How to get the Contacts Tracker up and running

First, you need to set up Cocospy to work with the target device. After that's done, log in to your Cocospy account and find the selection panel. It's to the left of the screen. Here, click on the "Contacts" optin.

The Contacts screen will load up. It's a record of all the contacts saved on the target device. 10 contacts are shown by default on the first page. Every contact has a name, phone number, and display picture tacked on.

If you select a contact, you get to see extra information about the person on the right. The details provided are job description, address, email address, and contact frequency. Cocospy will save all contact info to your account automatically.

Use without jailbreak or root

The target device isn't rooted or jailbroken? No problem! Unlike many other monitoring apps out there, Cocospy works without jailbreak or root. You can also set it up within minutes. However, to access the full Cocospy feature-set, the device does need to be rooted/jailbroken..

Be discreet

Cocospy is extremely stealthy. When you install it on a target device, you can hide the app icon. It runs in the background while using a minuscule amount of system resources, making it virtually undetectable. The no-jailbreak iOS version is fully web-based and impossible to uncover.

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